Water Party @ Punggol Waterway Park
13 August 2016

On 13th August 2016, Big Big Heart brought a group of 21 women and children from a crisis shelter, to indulge in a day of water fun at Punggol Waterway Park. The guests were treated to a view of lush greenery all around, as the park was buzzing with sport lovers and “Pokemon Catchers”.

The outdoor activity which is held quarterly, is a Big Big Heart commitment to care as well as celebrate the birthdays of the residents from the crisis shelter. The community has been working closely with the representatives of the shelter, by actively involving the women and children in indoor and outdoor activities. It serves to create a venue for interactions with the families who are going through difficult times, and also provide support as a friend and a caregiver.

A total of 22 volunteers were involved in last Saturday’s activity, as they distributed light breakfast and refreshments to the residents before the start of the day’s activity.

Themed “The Water party”, you know there is always fun when you get wet! – A mini funfair consisting of 3 game stations, were assembled beside the water playground to engage the residents to participate in the activities. The women and children get to play with nerf guns to knock down empty plastic bottles and also participate in other water games to stand a chance of winning game prizes.

This month’s birthday celebration, the women and children were treated to a sumptuous lunch, warmly prepared and sponsored by Tenderfresh and Play Kitchen. After the hearty meal, volunteers and residents were gathered together to celebrate the birthdays for 3 August babies. They were surprised with 2 beautifully crafted cakes, and presented with gifts and prizes, all kindly sponsored by Sweetest Moments and Leo Logistics respectively.

Big Big Heart would like to say a BIG Thank You, to all our kind sponsors and Heartists for contributing their time and effort to make this meaningful event a success!

*Disclaimer | Images have been pixelated to protect the privacy and identity of the individuals.