“Similar to a shark that has been hunted for a valuable part of their body, used and abused and then thrown back into the ocean, helpless and left to die, these women have been sought out for marriage. They are separated from their families in search of a better life, but end up being used for childbirth and then treated in inhumane ways. When they can no longer bear the abuse and decide to leave the marriage, they find themselves lost – unable to fend for themselves in a foreign land. The helplessness of these mothers having no one to voice out to, is akin to being suffocated underwater with no way to shout for help.”

Official Campaign Hashtag: #SaveMummy
Official Facebook & Instagram: bigbigheartsg

The making of

To create the underwater video, Ben Yeo partnered with Red Scuba, Ocean Divers and a professional underwater videographer, Mark Sin.
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