The Giving Heart – Mr Ng Kim Chuan

In a secluded area within Nanyang Technological University (NTU), you may have come across a herb garden that spreads over 2 acres of land. Known as the “Community Herb Garden” or 社区芳草园, the garden is home to over 300 species of Chinese herbs with medicinal properties.

The garden was grown with love and hard labour from Mr Ng Kim Chuan, who is currently a research assistant with NTU’s School of Biological Sciences. He now manages the garden with help from a personal friend, a few contract workers and some student volunteers.


Mr Ng first developed an interest in the health benefits of traditional Chinese herbs after seeing his younger brother lost his life battle with Lymphoma – a type of cancer that affects the immune system – in 2001. After the loss, he spent years of his time researching on herbalism based on theories and practices.

In 2009, Mr Ng carried out his vision to cultivate a sustainable herb garden for the community and to provide a healing space for research and education. Despite the hardwork being put into growing his own herbs, he was determined to provide free herbs to the sick and needy. Till date, many visitors and patients have visited the herb garden through word of mouth and benefitted from the product of Mr Ng’s hard work.


Mr Ng also shared with us the many positive testimonials and stories from patients who had approached him upon proper recommendation of a physician. These documentations are indeed what drive Mr Ng to carry on serving in his beloved garden, spending day and night almost every day to take care of his herbs. By giving back to the community, he hopes to reach out to more people who are in need.

“I must emphasize that I’m not a qualified doctor, and I’m not advocating the usage of Chinese herbs to cure, “ said the enthusiastic and tireless Mr Ng. “I have a passion in the field of tradition Chinese Medicine and I hope my herbs can benefit someone in one way or another.”


Lastly, Mr Ng mentioned that he welcomes visitation from anyone who has an interest in Chinese herbs or any form of sponsorships to help preserve and build on this legacy – his passion; his vision; his ideas; his blood, sweat and tears.

The garden is currently sustained by donations from the public to maintain its operations.

For more information and how you can contribute to its development, please click on the link: Community Herb Garden