The Art of Smiling


The Art of Smiling

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia

Actually, there isn’t any art behind it. Just that you were born to be happy, and you can show this happiness with that beautiful smile of yours. Come on! Let’s see it. Great. 🙂

We are all sensitive to a genuine smile, so why then is it that when we cross paths with a stranger or an acquaintance in the elevator, we give them a fake smile? – That ‘polite smile’. (You know what I’m talking about.) The lesson? Smile with your eyes! Feel it genuinely and it will come out naturally. A smile can be so simple, yet so powerful.

Here are some noticeable effects when you express your internal joy:

People will be attracted to you
People will feel drawn to your energy. When you smile more, you will carry an aura and poise that will draw people to you. People will look forward to being around you, knowing only that they feel great around you. People on the street, your workplace, your friends etc. We all like and want to be around happy and cheerful people, right?

You’ll feel more positive about yourself and the world.

Happiness & Joy
A smile is an expression of happiness and joy in you. Like an upward spiral, a smile will boost the happiness you feel.

A smile can affect your internal state, which can have physiological impact on your physical and mental health.

A smile is so welcoming, it will make people feel more at ease.

Making Other People Happy
A smile has the power to make other people feel good about themselves. It’s heart-warming and has the power to cheer up others instantly.

Smiles Are Contagious
Others can quickly and easily catch it and will experience the above ‘side effects’.

Take The Smile Challenge and experience it yourself!

1. Smile at strangers
You know those times when we cross paths with a stranger or accidentally catch someone’s gaze, and we (both) would suddenly look away in awkwardness or pretend we are looking at something else? Well, the challenge is to give them a big smile – A genuine smile, showing teeth and everything.

Why not? It doesn’t cost us anything. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than feeling awkward and pretending you’re not there. I love to look at people’s reactions when you smile at them, and they aren’t expecting it. Some blush, while others will be surprised and smile back, which makes me feel all warm inside.

2. Smile at those who need your help or a little attention
Sometimes, just like the rest of us. They too need attention and acknowledgment. Why not give them a gift that’s worth more than money.

The next time someone asks you for money, don’t try to ignore them. Turn to them, smile warmly and tell them how you feel. If you don’t feel like giving money, just tell them “Sorry, I don’t have change now. Have a beautiful day!”

Similarly, if something is trying to sell you something or ‘hitting-on’ you, simply turn to them, smile and say “No, thank you.” I’ve found that it takes more energy to ignore and pretend to be very serious, than it is to smile. So smile! Make someone’s day!

3. Smile Fully
Do you remember that half smile we give people when we’re trying to be polite? Like on an elevator, bumping in someone at the front door, or waiting in line. Why not practice giving them a real smile? It’ll be less awkward and you can potentially make someone’s day, or a new friend!

4. Smile at Work
Living under a routine, we can easily be in a zombie-like state when coming into work. We zip into work quickly following the same routines we’ve habituated. Our target is to get to work, and we can sometimes forget about the people around us – in other cubes/offices/departments.

So, the challenge is to practice beaming with a smile as you come into work. Smile genuinely with people you meet. Be completely pleased to see them. Make it a focus for the day, to bring more happiness into the lives of others. Ask them genuinely and with energetic smile, “How are you?” “How was your weekend?”, and watch the smiles surface on their face.

5. A Small Compliment with Your Smile
When meeting or encountering people. Look for the things you admire or like about them, however small, let them know. A small genuine compliment can go a long way to lift people’s spirits.

These are some useful tips To bring Smiles into your life

1. Appreciation
Identify things that you are grateful for, and focus on those things as much as possible.

2. Humor
Make a point to watch a comedy movie, or hang out with people who make you laugh.

3. Go On a Self Date
When we feel more connected with ourselves, we feel more joy and tend to naturally smile more.

4. Find Innocence
Observe a small child or a pet at play with total ease and freedom. Watch their innocence, enjoy their presence and yours. Are you smiling? Do you feel happy for them? That’s because you are connecting with the same innocence within yourself.

Start smiling, show the world you care!

Credit: Tina Su Photo: Pexels