Smile – Make It your Lifestyle. Practice Daily Kindness.


Smile – Make It your Lifestyle. Practice Daily Kindness.

Be The Change.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – a quote you often hear by Mahatma Gandhi. But the startling fact is how many times do we actually act upon it?

In a world where we start living life in a never ending cycle encompassed of routine and sheer boredom of waking up, going to work, coming back, eating, sleeping and repeating the entire process, we often forget some of the most important aspects that we are surrounded by. People. The Environment. The Animals. Our Soul. It is often important to take a step back, admire the beauty around us, appreciate it and endeavor to make a difference.

Make It Your Lifestyle. Practice Daily Kindness.
Daily kindness begins with a smile. As you encounter others, put on a smile and say hello. We never know the struggles that a specific person is going through and something as small as a smile and a warm greeting can change someone’s outlook. You’ll find that smiling is contagious. When you smile at someone, they automatically smile back and you are immediately rewarded for your efforts.

A simple smile means that you are stronger than yesterday. A smile only takes a moment, but the memory behind that smile sometimes last forever. It can console many scattered minds, it can fetch colours of many life. Whether you are in a hurry or not, don’t forget to always wear a smile, because your smile is a reason for many others to follow. A smile means you are living and you are considering others is considered like a donation to the person we met.

Take a while to smile, make a way to live.

Credit: Anmol Sharma. Rajeeb. Steve Miller Photo: Unsplash