June Babies Celebration 2016
12 June 2016

12 Jun, 2016, marks a promising chapter for Big Big Heart as they led a 12-man team of young Heartists to participate in their monthly birthday celebration, as caretakers and friends to the children and women from a crisis shelter.

Coinciding with their “SaveMummy” campaign, this monthly activity also allowed new volunteers to engage with the residents from the crisis shelter, and better understand the conditions and difficulties faced by the families.

Residents and Heartists were gathered to warm up in a game of “Dance Freeze”, where participants dance as the music plays, and freeze as soon as the music stops. Dancers will have to hold that position until the music begins again. The fun and games had the children and volunteers, all showing off their best dance moves.

This month, 4 of the residents celebrated their birthdays as gifts were presented to them and the game winners during the cut-caking ceremony. The 2 and a half-hour event ended with a sumptuous lunch treat.

This initiative highlights the community’s passion to constantly promote goodness and pave opportunities for the generation to involve in volunteerism.