Heartist – Winnie Law

“We only live once, do something that’s meaningful in life.” – after going through some unexpected turns in life, Heartist, Winnie Law, has since found courage in the face of adversity as she finds new meaning in helping others.

She says, “I’ve learned to stay positive and move forward. I believe one can find a purpose, if they’re willing to open their hearts to the world.”

Winnie, a sales executive in the real estate industry, describes her daily schedule as ‘”24-hours-are-never-enough”. She has to juggle between her career, her family, and her 3 children, who are the pivot of her life.

Despite having her hands full, Winnie feels she has a lot more to offer to her loved ones and the community. 2 months ago, while browsing through the internet, she chanced upon Big Big Heart, a community that would offer her an opportunity to fulfill her wish, as a caregiver.


She explains, “My sister and I have always wanted to do something meaningful with our time, to give back to the society. We have been talking about it since years ago, but eventually we were too caught up by everyday life.”

She adds, “I’ve been through bad patches in life that have taught me a lesson or two. From those hard times that I’ve been through, I found strength from my family and friends, who were there for me and are still here with me. I’m positively sure now, that I’m ready to take up another role.”

Since then, Winnie has participated in various community events and campaigns organised by Big Big Heart. Among all the activities, Winnie particularly singles out “SaveMummy” – an awareness campaign to foster healthy marriages, as one that has impacted her most as a parent and a caregiver.

“I understand, and feels for the families. To know that domestic violence is still a trending issue within our society is disheartening. I’m just glad that I can be around to offer some support, this campaign has given me a real opportunity to connect with them,” she says.


We should be socially aware and be involved.
We asked Winnie on her views about volunteerism in our society today.

“It will be encouraging signs, if everyone takes a little time off their busy schedule to give something back to the society,” says Winnie, who further highlights the importance of participation.

“To be or not to be an educator, I feel we have a responsibility to help shape the future of our home, and inspire the next generation to develop a lifelong service ethic.”

She also shared that as a parent, the moral education that she received from her volunteering experience has allowed her to share with her children an inner perspective towards humility and the values behind them.

Now, her children are already showing good signs of developing a heart for the needy.

“There was once during a discussion with the kids, and they actually asked if they could help by donating some of their clothes to the beneficiaries. That to me is definitely a thumbs-up!” Winnie said with a smile.

Words for Aspiring Volunteer.
For aspiring volunteers who want to be involved, we asked Winnie on how she prepares herself as a volunteer.

“We can be the difference. With just one simple act of kindness, we can add colours to our lives and to the people around us,” she says.

“We need the society, and the society needs us. It can only be meaningful if one is willing to open up to give a helping hand.”