Heartist – Jason Guan

“Values affect the decisions we make and how we behave. It helps us gain real clarity about who we are and what we stand for.” – for Heartist, Jason Guan, putting family first has given true meaning and direction to every part of his life.

On a regular day, Jason – a financial advisor in a leading financial services organisation – would wake up at 5.30am in the morning to make sure his family is well taken care of before heading to work. This might seem like a routine proceedings to all but he tells us, “My schedule is so often packed with back to back appointments till late in the evening, returning home and seeing my family is the greatest joy away from the daily challenges.”

Being a family man, he appreciates the fact that it’s the best support one can have when you know back home, you have someone you can lean on. As a volunteer himself, Jason relates to those in need and says, “We can all take up a role to be a pillar of support to the less fortunate. These are values in life that one can only experience through giving.”

He added, “I feel that age, time or financial capabilities should not be a factor to determine how one can lend a helping hand to someone in need. It is our presence, wanting to be there to care and provide them with emotional support.”

Jason described to us that his journey of giving actually started as an independent contributor, looking out for opportunities to do his part for the community. Prior to joining Big Big Heart as a volunteer, Jason and a group of friends had actually organised an offline event to help fundraise for a group of beneficiaries with disabilities.

The experience has since driven Jason and his friends to organise more of such events to promote togetherness and social values with their loved ones.


We should be socially aware and be involved.
We asked Jason on his views about volunteerism in our society today.

“It’s definitely beneficial to develop a healthy and positive environment for all to live in,” he says.

With a positive smile, Jason added, “By helping one another, and to be able to give back to the society is essential to us and our nation’s development. Sometimes, all that is necessary is just to show a little concern and care to the people around us.”

Words for Aspiring Volunteer.
For aspiring volunteers who want to be involved, we asked Jason to share with us some of his motivations.

“I know it might sound a bit cliché to say this but life is short, go enjoy it to the fullest,” he laughs before adding, “Always remember how fortunate we are; to be able to wake up every morning in the comfort of our own home; to be able to see our loved ones when we open our eyes; to be able to put on our own shoes and walk on our own, freely and easily. Think about those who can’t.”