Heartist – Alvin Ng

“Slowly but surely, a little effort that’s put forth will add up to something greater.” – Adopted from the Malay proverb – “Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama, jadi bukit”, Heartist, Alvin Ng, speaks on how this philosophy has taught him to change for the positive and developed an attitude of “it’s never too late” in life and in giving.

A Manager in the Financial sector, Alvin recently joined up with Big Big Heart to fulfill a responsibility which he felt, took him 3 years to make the big step due to circumstances.


He recalls, “3 years ago, I was invited by a client to attend an interactive session with a group of children with special needs. They are from a special education school, but they are not fully funded due to its curriculum. It was my first contact with the children but I felt connected.”

“The experience had left me wanting to build on that relationship and help them. I wanted to do something meaningful for the children, like organizing activities and outdoor trips for them, to see, to feel, and to experience the world,” he adds. “My only regret was, I held back.”

Alvin_Heartist4 (photo courtesy of Alvin Ng)

3 years later, in April 2016, Alvin decided to set out and make up for lost time. He, along with 3 of his teammates, gathered their closed friends and families to participate in a 6-hour car wash session. The car wash initiative was focused on gathering funds to sponsor the families and students from the special education school, to a proposed trip to the Zoo.

“With the collection, we were able to pay for the transportations, tram rides, and lunch, all fully provided for the families. We were excited!” Alvin exclaims.

Alvin_Heart6 (photo courtesy of Alvin Ng)

We should be socially aware and be involved.
We asked Alvin on his views about volunteerism in our society today.

“There are a lot of shelters and schools that are in need of funding, with many of those under the radar,” he says.

“It was a privilege for me to tag along with Big Big Heart, to serve some of the lesser known shelters. The values I get from connecting with the beneficiaries, made me realised that I’m one of the many who are fortunate enough to be able to dwell in comfort,” he adds.

With the lack of funds coming in to sustain the works of small organisations, Alvin describes what a volunteer could provide, is to connect positively and bring joy to the beneficiaries.

Words for Aspiring Volunteer.
For aspiring volunteers who want to be involved, we asked Alvin on how he prepares himself as a volunteer.

“Give our best and be positive. It’s not about how much time we spend, but what we can bring to our beneficiaries,” he says.

Alvin believes that when we make the first move, everything will naturally fall into place.