Commit To Love
19 June 2016

On 19th June 2016, Father’s Day, Big Big Heart was at Vivocity to deliver the message of commitment towards marriage, through the distribution of their “Commit To Love” rings.

This was the second high-profile effort from their “SaveMummy” campaign, which first cemented its success in May 2016, during their first major outreach to the public. It is an initiative started by Big Big Heart, to foster healthy marriage and raise awareness on the growing trend in domestic abuses at home.

In a joint effort to reach out to the masses in a family-oriented environment, Caffebene Singapore provided their premises for the event. A total of more than 300 rings were given out during the event, as volunteers from Big Big Heart took the opportunities to share the messages of domestic violence with the public.

The event ended on a high note, with members of the public each showing their support on their social media to deliver their messages against domestic violence.