Charity Golf & Dinner
19 August 2016

On 19th August 2016, St. Peter’s Church hosted a charity golf fundraiser event, followed by an appreciation dinner for around 350 individual givers. The event was focused on raising funds to help support a crisis shelter that aids families who are victims of domestic violence.

Big Big Heart, who was invited as the coordinating committee, was honoured to support St. Peter’s Church for this event. Ever since the “SaveMummy” campaign was actioned, Big Big Heart has forged a strong working relationship with the crisis shelter and St. Peter’s Church, with the community being actively involved in organising monthly programs and outdoor activities for the families at the shelter.

Through the efforts and exposure of their campaign against domestic violence, it has since drawn wide attention from the public and garnered mass support from both the media as well as members of the public.

During the appreciation dinner, St. Peter’s Church thanked sponsors and individual givers for their contributions to the cause with a heartfelt speech. Big Big Heart, represented by their Founder, Ben Yeo, also took the opportunity to honour the volunteers and corporate sponsors for their contribution to the works of the community.

Through corporate sponsorships, individual giving and sale of flights, St. Peter’s Church successfully raised sufficient funds to help aid the families from the crisis shelter for yet another year.

Moving forward, Big Big Heart will be making progressive plans through their “SaveMummy” initiatives, to welcome more support from volunteers and sponsors alike, and to further raise the awareness to minimise domestic abuse within families.

Big Big Heart would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our corporate sponsors, Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd, Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd and Sigma.3 Pte Ltd, for their kind contributions towards the cause.