He uses bubbles to build a connection with people

Sandy Snakenberg is a Bubbleologist. Affectionately known as “The Bubble Pirate”, he uses bubbles to build a connection with people.

Watch as he uses his artistry to bring people together.

For more information on The Bubble Pirate, please visit:

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He grows his own herbs and provides them for free to the sick and needy

After losing his younger brother to Lymphoma in 2001, Mr Ng spent years of his time researching on herbalism based on theories and practices.

In 2009, he planted his vision over 2 acres of land with the hope of growing his own herbs and providing them for free to the sick and needy, and for those who have an interest to discover the health benefits of these plants.

To find out more about the Community Herb Garden, please visit:

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Heartist – Xiao Hui

We all know that life’s challenges sometimes bring about negativity that keeps us away from being happy. Not only that, it impacts the people we interact or connect with.

Find out how Heartist, Xiao Hui, developed the confidence to face up to the daily challenge.

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Heartist – Jason Ang

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”

Find out as Heartist, Jason Ang, shares on the positive influences that spurred him to continue to serve effectively.

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Heartist – Eileen Ang

“Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You get to meet different people, understand lives, take on new challenges, time-manage yourself, and be part of a community.”

Find out as Heartist, Eileen Ang, shares her passion for helping others.

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Heartist – Shiyin Liow

“The greatest gift of all is that you can create happiness and it’s infectious,” says Heartist, Shiyin Liow.

Sharing on her first experience volunteering at a nursing home, she says, “I remember seeing how lonely some of the residents were and I was thinking to myself, how is it that I can make their day better.”

Find out as she discovers a strength she never knew she had.

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Heartist – Jason Guan

“Values affect the decisions we make and how we behave. It helps us gain real clarity about who we are and what we stand for.”

Find out as Heartist, Jason Guan, shares on the importance of family first and the values in giving.

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Heartist – Winnie Law

After going through some unexpected turns in life, Heartist, Winnie Law, has since found courage in the face of adversity as she finds new meaning in helping others.

Find out as she shares about the positive effects from making meaningful connections.

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Heartist – Alvin Ng

“Slowly but surely, a little effort that’s put forth will add up to something greater.”

Find out more as Heartist, Alvin Ng, speaks on how this philosophy has taught him to change for the positive and developed an attitude of “it’s never too late” in life and in giving.

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Heartist – Marilyn Heng

“Be brave to step up, step out and learn to enjoy the experience.”

Find out more about Heartist, Marilyn Heng, as she takes the giant steps.

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Heartist – Susan Tan

“Don’t wait until tomorrow, make it happen today.”

Find out more about Heartist, Susan Tan, as she gets involved.

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