12 Things You Can Do Together As A Married Couple


12 Things You Can Do Together As A Married Couple

Most time after your marriage, you probably spend more time thinking about work, budgets, kids, schedules, and just getting through the day. A date with your partner is equally important, but it doesn’t happen often enough.

Here are some things to consider doing together that can give you an opportunity to learn, stretch yourselves, and have fun!

1. Try a different restaurant.
Try a different national cuisine or a unique coffee house.

2. Go through old family pictures.
Pictures can tell stories. Use those pictures to tell each other about the years before you met, or remember some of your early days together.

3. Take a class together.
Learn a foreign language, learn how to dance or learn how to bake together.

4. Drive somewhere you’ve never been.
Even if it’s just a local road that’s new to you, you’re likely to see new things and enjoy the freshness of a new experience together.

5. Plan a new meal, shop together for the ingredients, and cook it together.
Shopping, cooking, and eating together can be quite intimate, and decidedly fun.

6. Go out for breakfast.
A different time of day can completely change how you feel about the time you spend together.

7. Volunteer for the same worthy cause together.
Helping others together can help you understand the power your couple-ness can have when focused in the same direction.

8. Get physical.
Hike a new trail together. Get bicycles and go riding together. Go swimming or jogging, or work out together.

9. Read each other’s book.
What we like to read says a lot about our personality. Each of you read something the other enjoys, and see if you can understand why they enjoy it.

10. Try a different event together.
Check out a music concert, a car show, a tech convention, a play, or a dance festival.

11. Write out a list of questions you would like your spouse to answer.
Trade lists and spend some time talking about your answers together.

12. Wash the car together.
A water fight can be fun for adults as well!

You probably have some other ideas as well. The point is to do something together that is fresh, fun, and sometimes challenging. It’s worth the effort.

Credit: Dr Carol Photo: Pexels