10 Ways to Show Gratitude and Give Love


10 Ways to Show Gratitude and Give Love

There are many occasions in life where we go by without showing our gratitude to the ones who have helped us through difficult times, given us life lessons, or just been there for us when we needed a shoulder to lean on. What we don’t realise is just how much our gratitude can change perceptions and lives. Taking the effort to show our gratitude lets people know that we care and that they are loved. Apart from an appreciative glance and a thank you mumbled under your breath, here are 10 other ways in which you can show your gratitude and give love.

1. Write a Thank You Note

The easiest way to show your gratitude is, of course, by saying a simple ‘thank you’. To take that ‘thank you’ up a notch, you can give that person a handwritten note or card showing your gratitude. Taking the time to write a note personally shows the person that you are truly appreciative; and if you wish to go the extra mile to thank them, you could also include a small thoughtful gift with your thank you card. Your little gesture of gratitude is sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

2. Give a Hug

Another way you can show your gratitude is by giving someone a hug! When someone has done something for you and you’re really thankful for it, just go ahead and give them a hug by way of saying thanks. Furthermore, we never know what is going on in someone’s life at any one time, so a simple way to show you care is to just give them a random hug.

3. Be There for Someone

When someone is in need of a shoulder to rely on, all you need to do is be their pillar of support. If they were there for you during your times of trouble, you can be there for them too! Although it may not seem like much, but just being there for someone shows that you are thankful to them for having done the same, and that they mean a lot to you. Your actions show that you are there for them through both the good times and the bad.

4. Clean Up After Yourself

After you’ve had a meal at home, take the dishes to the kitchen and wash them yourself, don’t wait for your mother to clean up after you. Show her that you’re thankful for the meal by cleaning up. The same goes for when you’re having a meal outside. If you can, bring your tray to a tray return counter in order to show gratitude to the cleaners and lessen their load too.

5. Volunteer for Less Pleasant Tasks

In the same manner as cleaning up after yourself, it’s good to also volunteer to do an unpleasant task or chore for someone. You could do so by helping your parents to clean the house, help your sibling with taking out the trash, or even volunteer to water your neighbour’s plants and collect their mail when they’re not around. Whatever you choose to help with, it will make someone’s day easier by lessening their load.

6. Learn to Apologize and Forgive

Part of showing gratitude and giving love is understanding that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, including ourselves. As such, we should forgive people if they were to make any mistakes, simply because we should not forget the positivity they have shown to us during the negative times. Likewise, we must also learn to apologize for our own mistakes and thank people for being patient with us whenever we stumble.

7. Love Everyone

When we show love, it should be towards everyone, not just the people we care about. By loving the ones whom we think do not deserve it, we are showing gratitude to people who challenge us. It may not seem like it but their actions help us to develop as people. Furthermore, we don’t know what’s going on in their lives and they may not be being difficult on purpose. Show them a little love and they may treat you the same too. Remember, a little kindness goes a long way!

8. Pay it Forward

An excellent way to show gratitude and love is to pay it forward. Whenever anyone does you a favour or a kind act, do the same to the next person who comes along. It doesn’t have to take much of your time or money, you could pay for the next person in line when you’re buying coffee, leave some change at a parking ticket payment station for the next person, or simply put up an encouraging note at your workplace or school.

9. Help A Stranger

I’m sure we’ve all seen those videos of kind strangers helping out someone in an accident or emergency. Don’t just stare at your phone or computer screen in awe, join them and lend a helping hand when you see someone in need. Helping a stranger is also a way of paying it forward, and show your gratitude to our uniformed heroes who are usually the first responders whenever anything happens.

10. Give Back to Your Neighbourhood

Last but not least, give back to your neighbourhood to show your gratitude. Your home is the place you return to at the end of every day, and I’m sure you’re thankful that you live in a safe neighbourhood. To show your thanks, give back in any way you can, such as helping your neighbours with chores, offering to watch their house while they’re on holiday, or even organising a dinner and inviting them over. While you give back, you can also get to know your neigbours better!