10 Tips to Living a Mindful Marriage

Katrin Baustmann_love

10 Tips to Living a Mindful Marriage

Being the right mate involves living mindfully. It means being conscious about what’s happening in your marriage and taking charge of your own marital happiness.

Here are 10 ways you can be more mindful in your marriage.

1. Plan to have time with your spouse.
This sounds like an obvious one I know but I’ve got to list it. It’s often said to go on a date once a week with your spouse. If you have kids, this is especially important. It’s also important to find time together each day. No TV. No phones. No books. Just each other.

2. Your spouse is your priority.
Whenever your spouse requests your time, make sure you give it. Ultimately, nothing will be more important in life than your relationship with your spouse. If he or she needs your time, perhaps the company meeting or the soccer game can wait?

3. Continually learn about each other.
Take time to ask questions. Even if you’ve been married for decades, there are still things you don’t know about your spouse. Take the time to find out his or her thoughts, feelings, memories, and future goals.

4. Take time for affection.
Have you ever been guilty of going a day without kissing or hugging? It happens a lot if you’re not consciously remembering to do so. It’s important to take time throughout the day to spontaneously show affection, like holding hands or a back or foot massage. You can even try just looking into one another’s eyes for an indefinite amount of time. A little affection goes a long way.

5. Learn something new together.
How about learning a new language? Or perhaps you could take cooking lessons? Or maybe you’d prefer to get your scuba certification? Couples who learn together, grow together.

6. Do your partner’s favourite thing often.
Doing your spouse’s favourite thing like painting or dancing, means connecting directly with something that he or she values. It’s also a great way to physically show you care.

7. Share a genuine compliment.
How many times have you thought your husband or wife looked stunning but didn’t say anything? How many times did he or she do something amazing and you forgot to mention it? Take time often to actively look for the good in your spouse and tell them! The catch is that it must be genuine.

8. Say “Thank You”.
Sharing a compliment, thank your spouse for something specific. Everyday there are things that he or she does that makes your life better in some way. Thank them for it! Even if it’s something as mundane as, “Thank you for picking up the groceries”. The little things turn into big things. A healthy side effect is a marriage full of gratitude.

9. Plan together.
When you were first married, you had big plans for your life. Are you meeting those goals? Take time together often to make plans. Plan the everyday tasks and also the big things like vacations and holidays. This is also a perfect time to work on your life vision. What does it look like and how well are you doing in realizing it?

10. Service.
Enough cannot be said about the value of serving your spouse. This means the little things like getting up with the kids, preparing a meal and doing a chore you normally don’t do. If everyone simply focused on this single concept of serving their spouses and putting their needs first, there will be more happiness in the world.

Credit: Sean Marshall Photo: Katrin Baustmann